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TOP 10 within an hour of drive

Here's a bit of advice on priorities while you are spending your vacation at our property.

The area of Dubrovnik is colorful and interesting, so it was a bit difficult to go and pick just 10. Believe it, we have all tried it ourselves and have had positive feedback from our guests!

#1 - The Old Town

This just needs to be the number 1. Visit the Old Town before you go any further. This is what you came for, so go inside the wonderful postcard that has invited you to make your trip in the first place.

#2 - The Elaphites

Get across the sea channel you overlook from La Vagabonda's balconies and pool. Meet the islands of Koločep (Kalamota), Lopud and Šipan. Book a tour with an excursion boat like the famous Karaka or choose an individual boat excursion departing right here from Orašac. Make sure you do not miss the popular sandy beach of Šunj.

#3 - Srđ Mountain view over the City

To experience this magnificent view, you can either get the cable car ride from Dubrovnik or drive to the top. Whichever you choose, while getting down, you won't remember anymore how you got up at all - the view will cause a specific reset of your mind.
In addition, here you can have a dinner, or if you are lucky to be here for the grand opening of Dubrovnik Summer Festival in July, witness amazing fireworks.

#4 - Island of Lokrum

The Natural Reserve in the Old Town's vicinity is a wonderful escape where you can spend a whole day. Just take a short boat ride from the Old Port.
The sensations of seeing Mediterranean garden architecture, overall landscape of the natural reserve, old Monastery, new visitors' center, sea bathing in a natural depression, having coffee or lunch in the big shaded lunge terraces will surely make this trip one to remember. Great for the day out with kids, too, as well as couples, friends, family.
Find out more HERE.

#5 - Trsteno Arboretum

Just a couple of kilometers from Orašac in the directon of Split, you will find this oldest and one of the most valuable botanic heritage sites in Croatia, situated in the village of Trsteno.

Get to know this famous Game of Thrones filming location and meditate within the wonderful plants that were brought here in the past from all over the world by local seamen. Besides the vegetation, the park features Neptune's fountain and the summer house of the Dubrovnik noble Gučetić-Gozze family from the 15th century.

#6 - Ston

Some of the world's cleanest seafood is collected in the Bay of Mali Ston. Here you can savor fantastic oysters, mussels, fish and other delicacies. The town is often referred to as little Dubrovnik by its historic significance and layout. Its city walls can be visited, and are the second world's longest after the Great Wall of China!

#7 - The Peninsula of Pelješac

Pelješac Peninsula is a great way to spend a whole day in exploring this authentic Dalmatian region. It is known for first class wineries, scenic landscapes and wonderful hidden natural oasis for bathing or hiking. Prapratno Beach is the most popular sandy beach in the area, Viganj is known as one of the best places for wind surfing on the Adriatic, while gastronomic delicacies, wine and cheese tasting make this a sensational experience.

#8 - Cavtat

Cavtat is a historic town located approximately 30 km from Orašac, further South. Also known by its former name of Epidaurus, it is alongside Dubrovnik the most popular tourist center of Southern Dalmatia. Here, you can enjoy sightseeing, fantastic walks by the sea, having lunch or dinner in one of the numerous restaurants and spend a really fulfilled and interesting day. One of the most famous Croatian artists Vlaho Bukovac was born in Cavtat, and his house is open for visits.

Cavtat is very convenient to stop for a coffee and few more moments in the sun if you are leaving from the Ćilipi Airport by not an early flight. Cavtat is just 3 km away from the Airport.

#9 - Konavle

Konavle is the region with numerous activities and sights, with Cavtat as its center. Just to name a few, here you can taste local specialties, visit traditional farms and vineyards, ride horses, explore wonderful landscape, admire Sokol Grad (Tower) that will tell you this area's turbulent history, attend authentic folkloric event in Ćilipi and so much more.  Find out more HERE.

#10 - Ombla

Ombla is the name of the "Dubrovnik River", the shortest in the country. It is a protected landscape with specific position right next to the City. It is home to many former summer houses of Dubrovnik nobility, a peaceful and calm area to walk along the river. You can have a nice drink in Dubrovnik Marina, or a meal at the river's source. Ombla brings wonderful refreshment in hot summer days, as its waters always have a lower temperature compared to the sea.

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