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About us and the villa today

Get to know our family and how it all began

The Lončar family has been living on this part of the village for more than hundred years. The family first had the traditional house that is now located above the villa. The house was known for its many orange plantations and quality vineyards. The grand-father was a stone-mason and has built many constructions around Dubrovnik you can still see today while the father continued family business further in design and construction. 

In 1976 the family built a new house at lower level of the steep ground. Both the grandfather and father personally built the house in the traditional way using the stone mined in the local quarry. Recently, the house's interior and exterior were both completely renovated with the new pool, the patio and sundeck area.

The villa of today - a release of your "vagabundo" soul

The villa is positioned very nicely so it does not get close to any neighboring houses, has open views of the sea and the village and enjoys particularly enjoyable breeze whole summer.

Later on, this breeze, the serenity of the place and its relaxed atmosphere led us to name the newly renovated villa La Vagabonda. We wished it became a place for many of our guests to share and feel the same pleasure of rest overlooking the sea, listening to the crickets and resting the "vagabundo" soul keen on constant movement.

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