Restaurants and dining options in Orašac (and Dubrovnik)

Local and international food at easy reach

Along the route from Orašac to Dubrovnik, there are many restaurant options to choose from. The City itself of course is the epicenter of this offer.

We can tip you on where to drop by when in the City, and as for Orašac, here are most of the options:

1. Beach bar and restarant
The pizza and grill restaurant at the local Orašac beach serves food on its lovely terrace and does deliveries. The menu is available at our property.

2. Local authentic dinner
If you are in search of atmosphere, some quality homemade cooking, there is just a place. A couple minutes away from our property there is a family estate that serves traditional long-term prepared food from "under the bell". Note: previous reservation is required, open for dinners only.

3. A variety of cuisines
Dubrovnik Sun Gardens Resort situated just a couple minutes down the road offers many cuisine options and venues - from an ice cream shop, prime seafood restaurant to casual pasta or steak restaurant. Afterwards, a cocktail comes along nicely.

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