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Summer 2021 & Croatia
update of 2nd of April 2021

Situation on COVID at the moment:

  • Croatia is not in a lockdown comparing to the other EU countries - life in Croatia is as normal as it could be in these times (hotels are fully open, restaurants and bars serving at the terraces and on the go)

  • The vaccination is going gradually ahead with the goal to have about 50% population vaccinated by June


This is the latest official update on travel to Croatia:

  • A negative viral test result: PCR not older than 48 hours (counting from the time of taking the test to arriving at the border crossing point).

  • A certificate of vaccination (any vaccine) for persons whose final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is more than 14 days prior to crossing the border.

  • A medical certificate confirming that the traveler has recovered from COVID-19 after having a positive PCR or rapid antigen test result. The certificate is valid 11-180 days after the positive test result.

Croatian authorities issued an app which grants you entry to the country. Make your border crossing faster and carefree, fill out the necessary information HERE:

Update of 23rd of May 2020

Some state borders of the EU still remain closed, and the infection is gradually backing up, at least here in Europe. Today (May 23rd) we have had in Croatia the first day without new cases. There is only about 100 persons in recovery. Very soon, we might declare to be CODIV-free country.

Croatia has opened its borders to the countries of Central Europe, the ones with similar state of the epidemic. The visitors with valid reservations can cross the border by following the procedure issued by our Ministry of Internal Affairs (the police).
Please read updated information on this link:


Safe stay in Croatia+WTTC Safe travels_s

Here at La Vagabonda, we will continue to operate according to the instructions of Civil Protection Crisis Headquarters and Ministry of Tourism. We are open to guests from July 1st onward.


This is the positive sign of Croatia being a safe destination to visit, and we all hope it to remain that way. We also hope, above all, that the health crisis the world has been locked down with will pass. No man is an island, no country can stand alone.  Therefore, we need to stay close by, but apart.

However, we can comprehend already that the measures of increased hygiene, cleaning and social distancing are here to stay for some time. According to that, we offer more details on the layout of our villa and other necessary Information. We will refresh these updates regularly.

The villa's layout and prevention procedures

Even though it can be rented as a whole, the villa has no common interior spaces such as hallways, main staircase or common kitchens. All these are separate for all apartments with separate entrance doors.

SOCIAL DISTANCING is possible and easy since the whole area is wide enough: the balconies, the garden, sundeck, patio and the pool can easily absorb the 10 persons' group.

Also, it is possible to have different persons separate enough when seated outdoors as there are three tables at three different corners of the house.


To make planning easier, we have decreased the maximum occupancy number of persons from 14 to 10. This means that all 10 persons sleep in 5 double bedrooms, no sofas counted.

However, if somebody wishes the use the sofas instead of sharing the beds, this is still possible. There are two sofas and another foldout armchair available in the apartments.

As for CLEANING AND HYGIENE, we have introduced stronger solutions, increased frequency of cleaning the outdoor spaces and will plan the bookings for 2021 with one day apart to be able to properly prepare the accommodation for the new guests.



For all further questions or inquiries, please feel free to call or write and we can discuss all doubts in detail.
Call +385 98 1814194 (Natalia) or write to info(a)

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